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React Native tools


Retention, interest, usage, and awareness ratio over time.

Technologies with less than 10% awareness not included. Each ratio is defined as follows:

  • Retention: would use again / (would use again + would not use again)
  • Interest: want to learn / (want to learn + not interested)
  • Usage: (would use again + would not use again) / total
  • Awareness: (total - never heard) / total

Sentiment Split

This chart splits positive (“want to learn”, “would use again”) vs negative (“not interested”, “would not use again”) experiences on both sides of a central axis.

Bar thickness represents the number of respondents aware of a technology. Click on the individual label to see more details.

We asked members of the React Native community to share their opinions about the results

2022 was the most thrilling year for React Native developer tools to date. The Metro bundler team at Meta increased in size and outlined exciting plans to enhance performance, speed, and reliability in React Native. Expo collaborated closely with the Metro team to significantly improve the possibilities of bundling in React Native, resulting in Metro for web and the first file-based routing solution for native apps, Expo Router.

The Microsoft team open sourced RNX Kit, which includes a suite of tools that they use to improve the stability and correctness of their extensive React Native app collection. Established tools like Ignite CLI and npx react-native continue to improve in both reliability and developer experience. Expo CLI underwent a ground-up rewrite to the versioned npx expo to provide better CI compatibility, project longevity, and establish Prebuild as the long-term alternative to Ejecting. The momentum of React Native dev tools is stronger than ever, and 2023 is expected to be even more exciting.

We asked members of the React Native community to share their opinions about the results

Evan Bacon

Software Engineer at Expo, Author of Config Plugins and Expo Router

JavaScript/TypeScript Balance

Package managers

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