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The React Native ecosystem is thriving and becoming better with each new version released. The community is very active and innovative solutions to various challenges faced by programmers are emerging.

This survey showcases the diversity and versatility of the React Native by covering various aspects of app development and solutions. My own styling problem was solved by the wonderful NativeWind library, which provides great control over styles and a great developer experience. This is just one example of how React Native is benefiting from the web React and JavaScript ecosystems to increase its quality and popularity.

Despite this, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed in the React Native framework. However, the core team members and open source contributors are working tirelessly to fix these issues, making the future of React Native even brighter.

In 2023, we can expect to see even more performant React Native apps that are indistinguishable from apps written using native technologies.

P.S. if you're still hungry for more React and JavaScript stats I highly recommend checking out the yearly State of JS survey and Rising Stars ranking from Best Of JS.

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Software Engineer at Software Mansion

If there is one thing that can be said about the React Native community, it is its ability to overcome one obstacle after another. Sometimes it's not as fast as we'd hoped, but nevertheless, we keep moving in the right direction.

This year, our ecosystem strengthened in many ways, in particular:

  • The core of React Native improved, and the transition to the new architecture finally started
  • Expo kept its awesome developer experience and became closer to a vanilla React Native app, making it much easier to adopt for any kind of app
  • Cross-platform development continued to drive innovations spanning animations, styling, bundling, and routing

Over time, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with React Native. We are JavaScript developers, but we do not reject the native side. Instead, we embrace it. Just yesterday, an iOS developer friend of mine told me how impressed he was with what was possible today.

In 2023, I'm excited to see our community being empowered to leverage even more of the native side using modern languages like Swift and Kotlin. There are also many innovations to come with React 18 that we are not yet taking advantage of.

I'll be glad to keep you up to date on the latest React Native innovation for another year through my newsletter This Week In React

Sébastien Lorber

Sébastien Lorber

This Week In React founder and Docusaurus maintainer

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