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React Native advantages

The React Native ecosystem is changing too fast

Building React Native apps is overly complex right now

How happy are you with the general state of React Native?

Missing features

React Native pain points

We asked members of the React Native community to share their opinions about the results

Besides well-known headaches with upgrades and debugging, the developers highlighted a huge reliance on community libraries, many of which got abandoned over the years. Let's be honest - creating (and maintaining) a library requiring expertise in 3+ languages and having knowledge of both iOS and Android APIs isn't easy.

Futhermore, the never-ending changes in the mobile platforms forces continuous maintenance of native modules. New architecture won't make it any easier as it is making bridge-based packages obsolete. Seeing so many responses and passionate feedback it's clear that people want React Native to succeed. In the near future, I would love to see Expo Modules API helping greatly in the development of native modules.

Kacper Kapuściak

One of the devs at Software Mansion making State of React Native happen

React Native is moving in the right direction